House Los Árboles


Location: Alajuela
Architectural Design: Latitud 10 Architecture
Lighting Design: Latitud 10 Architecture
Structural Design: Ing. Jorge Villalobos
Electrical Design: Ing. Oscar Arias
Area: 240m2 in a property of 2065m2
Concept: Contemporary bioclimatic design
Year: 2014


“Casa Los Arboles” consisted of a residence project in a fairly extensive property with abundant trees; therefore, the construction site was one of the most important decisions to find the best spot possible and minimize the impact over the trees.

The architectural program consisted of a main block (the house), a secondary block (the garage) and a third small block (a detached terrace). Similarly, the location of the terrace was chosen in a special way so that it was right next to a giant rock, so that it was part of this space.

A particular feature of the design was to locate the main attached terrace of the house to the west so to enjoy the sunsets and a micro-space of the property was set up as a “private” garden.

Stone molejón, wood-type porcelain floors, translucent roofs, river ball stone and natural plants; all together play an important role in the design to combine different cozy spaces that together are called: “Casa Los Arboles”.

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