Latitude 10 Architecture is an architecture studio based in Costa Rica committed to the development of environmentally friendly projects with a completely customized design for our clients.

We have been more than 6 years in the country, which gives us extensive experience in the field. With ample experience in the development of residential projects, we currently position ourselves as a benchmark in the market; apart from having incursions into the commercial field.

Our work concept

Projects with sustainable concept

For us, the “context” factor plays a very important role in the design, not only because of the location but also the climatic elements (natural lighting, ventilation, temperature, etc.). That is why our projects stand out in the management of the sustainable concept, and even in some cases looking for how to contribute to society and the environment.

Projects and service fully customized

We start from the fact that if our clients are thinking about embarking on the construction process, it is basically because the real estate market is not meeting their expectations, and that is why we rely on a completely customized service scheme from the Start to finish, so that our customers find their complete satisfaction in the product of the entire process.

Design Quality

We have experience in the development of projects of great wealth in the design, taking into account factors such as functionality, aesthetics, personal tastes and professional experience; we managed to make an amalgam of elements that are consolidated in projects to the client’s taste and worthy of being highlighted by any other person.

Our work team

Let us develop your project with the confidence that we have the most qualified people to achieve it. In Latitude 10 Architecture, we have all the personal resources to be able to develop any type of work, from simple construction or remodeling projects, to the development or habilitation of land for Residential, Commercial or Institutional projects.

Architect Pablo Rojas
Architect Pablo RojasProject Manager & CEO
He studied Architecture at the University of Costa Rica graduating in 2009 and incorporated into the CFIA the same year. In 2010, Arch. Rojas began the undertaking to open our architecture firm under the expectation of filling a void present at that time: sustainable concept projects.

Seeking his training on the environmental issue, in 2010 the architect obtained the certification of participation in the LEED 201: Core Concepts & Strategies course. Always keeping in mind the same subject, the architect carried out the necessary studies and finally in 2011 he was accredited before SETENA as an environmental consultant. In the same way, he participated in the different biennials made from those moments until today, where the theme of the environment had a relevant role.