Preliminary Design

It consists in the conception of a project. Develop the project idea from scratch to architectural plans. It is done by developing digital 3D models on a computer and with photo-realistic renders.

Diseño de Anteproyecto

Consiste en la concepción de un proyecto. Desarrollar la idea del proyecto desde cero hasta planos arquitectónicos. Se realiza mediante el desarrollo de maquetas 3D digitales en computadora y con renders foto-realistas.

Construction Plans & Technical specifications

Based on the design of the preliminary design, the project continues to be developed until a set of construction plans is obtained and for the application of construction permits.

Permit Procedures

After the development of the construction plans, all the necessary procedures are carried out in each respective institutions until the corresponding building permits are obtained.

Latitud10 Arquitectura Servicios 1
Latitud10 Arquitectura Servicios 1

Trámites de Permisos

Porterior al desarrollo de los planos constructivos se realizan todos los tramites necesarios ante las instituciones respectivas hasta obtener los permisos de construccion correspondientes.

Detailed Budget

With the construction plans the detailed budget of the project is developed to know the amount of final investment and also for presentation purposes before financial entities.

Construction Inspection

During the construction phase of a project, if different professionals are involved, our inspection service allows the owner to ensure that the project is to be built according to the stipulations of the design.

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Technical Direction

Also in the construction phase, this service is indicated by the CFIA as the professional responsible for the work. It ensures the technical construction quality of the project and the best adaptation of the design against reality.

Project Management

During the construction stage, in addition to the Technical Direction, the administrative tasks necessary for the development of the construction would be carried out: project’s accounting, payroll management, hiring management, work schedule control, etc. All this would be executed on behalf of the owner and under prior authorizations.

Closed Contract or “Turnkey”

It consists of all the construction services of the project according to previous negotiation defining the necessary scope by the owner. The services consist in the definition of a closed amount for the development of the construction under different specifications of materials and finishes to be used.