House Acqua


Location: Alajuela
Architectural Design: Latitud 10 Architecture
Lighting Design: Latitud 10 Architecture
Structural Design: Estatic Diseño Estructural
Electrical Design: Dompe Ingeniería Eléctrica
Home automation: Intelligent illumination system
Area: 200m2 in a property of 400m2
Concept: Contemporary bioclimatic design.
Year: 2016


The project is located in Alajuela. The land had the particularity of being inside a large estate with a common access, which gave the opportunity to open on all sides to connect with the natural environment.

In addition, the property turned out to be right next to a creek that provided a lot of freshness and the pleasant sound of hearing the water run, this is why it is named.

Precisely the request of the owners was to take advantage of being next to the creek and locate the social spaces on that side. In this way the architectural distribution took the particularity of giving priority to these spaces.

The living room was strategically located in the middle of the project in order to protect itself from solar radiation and thus keep the space cool. For this same reason, an extra height was provided to the space to be able to illuminate it naturally with zenithal windows, in this way this space was enriched thanks to its over-height and free connection with the kitchen, the dining room and the terrace.

Similarly, due to the high solar radiation in the area, wide eaves were raised around the project so that they protected the internal spaces and thus keep them cool and comfortable.

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