House Transform


Location: Flores, Heredia
Architectural Design: Latitud 10 Architecture
Lighting Design: Latitud 10 Architecture
Structural Design: Estatic Diseño Estructural
Electrical Design: Dompe Ingeniería Eléctrica
Renewable Energies: Water heat by solar panels
Concept: Contemporary bioclimatic design.
Year: 2016


This residence is located in a sub-urban area that led us to the development of a home for the city but with the possibility of having visual leaks to the surrounding green environment. Hence, the use of large vertical windows that cause attention to look outside from their internal spaces was contemplated. As for the spatial distribution, the central core from which the other spaces distribute is the large double-height volume of the stairs which provides a large amount of the internal natural lighting through its double-height window-wall. Internally, the living room, hallways, dining room and even the kitchen combine with each other to always maintain visual communication and even certain degrees of privacy between themselves.

A double-sided green vertical wall seeks to receive people at the entrance and incorporate the external vegetation into the internal spaces, being located in the center of the house from where at any point it can be seen. Within the ecological passive systems that were incorporated into the project, a solar panel for water heating was installed to supply the entire house.

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