House Cañaveral


Location: Alajuela
Architectural Design: Latitud 10 Architecture
Lighting Design: Latitud 10 Architecture
Structural Design: Ing. Jorge Villalobos
Electrical Design: Dompe Ingeniería Eléctrica
Area: 180m2 in a property of 1144m2
Área: 180m2 en una propiedad de 1144m2
Concept: Country house, bioclimatic design.
Year: 2012


The idea that generated this project and that leads to its name was the cane field that existed in the property prior to its development.

The concept starts from trying to generate in the project the environment that can be found naturally within a cane field: a natural “barrier” that functions as a membrane that filters the sun’s light generating different sieves of light. For this reason, the main volume of the project (the living room) is double height to increase the effect of the light screen produced by the main windows; which were designed to have a natural shape and generate different patterns of shadows inside.

The rest of the spaces (dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.) revolve around this large space that works at the same time as a distributor space. The social spaces (kitchen-dining room) are in the east wing of the project opening towards the backyard of the property; the private areas (bedrooms) are located in the west wing overlooking the front garden.

Taking advantage of the double height of the room, a small office space was located in a mezzanine with a internal balcony towards the living room and a small outside terrace taking advantage of the view towards the Poas Volcano.

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