House Urbano 338


Location: Condominio Tierras del Café, Heredia
Architectural Design: Latitud 10 Architecture
Lighting Design: Latitud 10 Architecture
Structural Design:
Electrical Design:
Renewable Energies:
Home automation:
Area: 232m2 in a property of 314m2
Concept: Contemporary Urban
Year: 2020 (Recently finished design phase, working in order to obtain construction permits)


The project arises from the desire to realize an idea of ​​the owners for a retirement home.

The most important premises were the search for excellent natural lighting in all spaces and linking the natural context with the interior, all this in a relatively fair property for the size of the project to be developed. For this, we started from conceptualizing the stairs as a large showcase to bring natural light inside, while maintaining the privacy of the interior.

Similarly, a volume of glass was conceptualized for the main entrance with a double height ceiling, which at the same time generates a feeling of spaciousness in the inner hall. The social areas were located in a privileged position in order to be able to open to the surrounding exterior gardens.

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