Zurqui Residence

On a typical afternoon, the wind blows strongly bringing a fine drizzle that keeps everything humid. In the distance, the sun shines through the clouds letting in some rays that slightly warms you. The wind is easily heard as it passes through the surrounding trees and conifers. This is the context of the project that evokes the search for and development of a simple (minimalist) project that does not overshadow its context, but rather takes advantage of it to create welcoming introverted spaces to enjoy its environment within the warm comfort of its internal spaces.

The project revolves around a large family space (social area) that is also linked to the covered and protected outdoor terrace on its sides that encourages its use even on days with not so favorable weather (typical of the area). The rooms and office (private areas) are organized in 2 side wings that give the house a “C”-shaped zoning, communicating mainly towards its backyard that at the same time communicates with a stream.

The sobriety and simplicity of the project’s volumetry is combined with a warm and comfortable interior design. It’s simple and elegant architecture provides effective functionality and construction, with a low maintenance cost, thanks to the use of timeless materials that age appropriately over time and involve very little maintenance, which at the same time provide an equally timeless aesthetic that does not expires throughout its useful life.

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Project Info

Location: Residencial Lomas del Zurquí, San Isidro, Heredia
Area: 300m2 in a property of 900m2
Concept: Minimalistic Style
Features: Flat roofs, Photovoltaic panel readiness.
Home Automation:
Year: 2022


Project Team

Architectural Design: Latitud 10 Arquitectura
Lighting Design: Latitud 10 Arquitectura
Landscape Design: Latitud 10 Arquitectura
Structural Design: ESTATIC
Electrical Design: Dompe Ingeniería Eléctrica



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