Las Brisas Residence

This project is born from a primary concern of the owner to create good internal ventilation. He expressed us his interest in having the feeling of “cool breezes” in any indoor space. This is why the name of the project.

We started by carrying out an adequate analysis of the context and its climate in order to understand its behavior and thus be able to try to meet the owner’s objective. For this, it was decided to configure the entire project in 3 large groups separated from each other by ventilation strips that we then used as “internal” corridors and gardens that led the entry of natural lighting and ventilation. In this way, we guaranteed that all spaces were covered by cross ventilation that would effectively give the feeling of internal “cool breezes”.

Thanks to the fact that the project was in a nice size property, this allowed us to develop a ample windows with very wide eaves that would allow the entry of natural lighting, but not solar radiation.

All this was combined to finally have perfectly illuminated internal spaces that do not require artificial lighting during the day, a comfortable environment thanks to adequate ventilation and a very warm environment due to the materials and textures used.

Its large terraces surround the two main groups of spaces, functioning as communicators between the internal and the external spaces, and inviting them to enjoy the gardens that surround them.

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Project Info

Location: Flores, Heredia
Area: 300m2 in a property of 1400m2
Concept: Contemporary bioclimatic design
Features: One single flat level.
Home Automation:Lighting automation
Year: 2010


Project Team

Architectural Design: Latitud 10 Arquitectura
Lighting Design: Latitud 10 Arquitectura
Landscape Design: Latitud 10 Arquitectura
Structural Design: Eng. Jorge Villalobos
Electrical Design: Eng. Jorge Villalobos



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